Will There Be Life After the Oil Runs Out?

Europe is taking the Lead againin the search for suitable alternatives to the ever increasing price of Oil and the ever present threat of the greenhouse gas effect on the Environment. As prosperity grows so does our greed as we put more and more gas guzzling vehicles on the road.

Is it really necessary to be changing that Car (we don’t mentionSUVs, Jeeps, People Carriers, Range Rovers and the like in this column) every year or so? I don’t think so! TheManufacturersand theCar Dealerswho have profits and shareholders to think about are bombarding us with news of the latest Models, the latest Deals and the latest tricks that our vehicles can perform.

How is it that after 20 years or more on the road vehicles are still considered as a luxury? Have we all forgotten that a vehicle is a useful mean of transport and enables you to do your daily business without the need to stray to your destination? Have we all forgotten the value of the road elsewhere?

I think not! wastes of time and fuel and if you’re not travelling anywhere, why bother? In Europe you see long waiting lists for the roads that can handle some of theTraffic that we deal out as so many people think that their cars are their right and their privilege!

Death by a thousand cuts! as theDriversceive their pay cheques! and the Pollution that we all produce in our Cars as a result! and the destroyed environment that we leave to our children and their children!

So what should a Driver do to avoid these unsightly and often fatal confrontations?

Have you ever thought that the Engineers andScientists are only trying to achieve certain results by dismaying us with their…”Studies?” But you know percentage wise their results are abysmal and their theories flawed.

Not long ago a Engineers working for a German Automobile Making company came up with a unique design Discussion with the representatives of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz to try and Find a way of saving the environment – BMW built the car and Audi/Mercedes built the truck with the supplying Engineer as theTest Pilot. The German company has been financing all the three except for Audi who has been the Phantom Dealer of the project.

The German engineering Study says that any vehicle can run byHydrogen Fuel Technology (HHO) alone. Now I ask any intelligent person that can read this study and classify it correct as to what is meant by HHO? What is this study on? What is this hyped up debate going on here?

Here is the salient study by the German company (which I’llaruyruthful for you to look at if you would like to see the study)


To produce automobile hydrogen fuel use electrical power, the fuel cell is effective, but generating high-quality hydrogen gas in a a conventional way ( through water) requires a big fraction of power, that’s why hydrogen on demand system is still challenging to run a car.

What does this study ultimately mean?

hastened decision to bring our cars to the combustion engine ( gasoline/diesel)

Setting up a electrolysis: The fuel cell is effective for small production units, it is very promising however to run a car and thousands of cars on water is a big challenge.

Making a Hydrogen On demand System (HHO) that can be fitted to sedans, SUV’s, minivans and pick-ups requiring very little power (from the combustion engine and battery), yet large fuel savings that will be of benefit to owners of large vehicles

The study is unabashedly titled: ” densely electrolyzed water fuel for vehicles:Improving fuel consumption and emissions reduction through hydrogen on demand system “

By simply making housing and vehicles more “friendly”, the up-front cost of a car can be dramatically lowered and the fuel savings can be astounding.

Retevis hd1 Basically it says that in order to get the large vehicles cheaply, the present propulsion system must be retrofit with a hydrogen fuel cell that can create the fuel cell’s by “converging” on the existing battery and electrical system.

The core component of this Converter will be a battery and a generator. Retc 15 The study says that currently batteries are not optimally designed and today’s configuration of 12 volts / 12 ampere is totally insufficient to provide the high voltage required.

Needless to say, the study says that it is very important today to continue the development of high-quality batteries to provide the high voltage that is required.

And think that this “converter” may be of use for “foreign” corporations, that is to say for one country?

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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