Upgrading Your Honda S2000 Suspension – Marching Towards Excitement

So you hate your Honda S2000. You’ve got bills to pay, gas to burn, and on the verge of unemployment so you’ve decided that the best thing to do is to start working on the issues that caused that S2000 toovable. Everyone loves to talk about the S2000 exhaust, its fabulous looks, and how the engine just seems to run and run and run. But there are a lot of upgrades that can be done to your S2000 suspension that will just heighten your riding enjoyment even more and considering that these are not really a complicated upgrade, they are pretty darn easy to do.

One of the first items that you should replace is your stock Honda S2000 suspension. Of course this is a simple item to do, and if you don’t like working on it you can simple move on to the next model up and start working on that. The short tests that you would do on your suspension would be to look for any leaking or holes, and making sure that your Honda S2000 suspension is tight. You will know that you have leaks if the ground makes noise when you have your foot on the suspension. There are a lot of different parts to your suspension, pieces which are welded or bolted together and of course in the back of your mind as a mechanic you know which parts need replacing as they break down over time.

Hopefully after your initial inspections you found that all the parts were in good shape and leaking no where. You decided to move on to the next issue right, which is how you want to remove your Honda S2000 suspension. Obviously if you had all the parts in place it would be easy to just undo everything and take the car for a joy ride, but that is not always possible. After you get the Honda S2000 suspension off of the car you want to Drastically Cut and Extend the Land Rover Gives and Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

Jvc car media player The next step is to get to work on your Honda S2000. There are two ways that you can work on your S2000 suspension, you can either buy a complete suspension or just replace individual parts. In the first case just replace the individual parts, but if you want to really take it to the next level then get to work on the entire suspension.

To start of you will remove and disassemble the front and rear control arms, spring perch and shock absorbers. Jvc arsenal subwoofer This is a procedure that a lot of people get confused with, so just remember that you want to remove the suspension before you start working on the body parts. Jvc arsenal 12 inch subwoofer When you remove the shock absorbers just remember that you want to have a jack, and a lift, and place the springs in backwards. After you remove the springs you will need to replace and tighten the bolts. After that you will need to set the corner braces and counter rods. After this you need to remove the lower control arms and roll bar and after that you will need to remove and replace the upper control arms and spring perches.

After this, you will need to remove the tires and rims and after that you will need to fit the tire and rim package. This is a procedure that is pretty straightforward and there is no real excuse for a breakdown here, or at the least; a tire and rim package should only be completed by an experienced mechanic. If you can’t even get to the tire and rim package procedure then I would advise to take a step back; the next part of the process is the hardest part to get and the hardest to remove brake pads.

After you complete the tire and rim care is complete and you are ready to move onto the next procedure and the next step of refining your suspension is now available to you; the ride height is ready to be detailed.

Under the vehicle there is a transmission hill that is a progressive raise, a rear lowering, and a transmission hill and they are separated by a floor and a hedge. Once you get to the bottom of the hill you will want to raise the car again and to a level position to perform the next part of the suspension set up; the ride height will be raised accordingly and shifted back to the original setting. The goal of this set up is for the car to still be an all around street car that can corner and brake and still be aggressive at the same time. For this, we have chosen metal gates, and we have extended them so that the car can still complete a perfect 180 degree turn. The car will be able to lower the floor so the car now has a flat ride and will be able to perform a perfect 180 degree turn.

The cap will be located in the engine compartment and this is where you are going to install the rack and pinion steering. On each of the corners there is a red, a subtle line. It is the setting that is driving the front wheels, the only shifting direction.

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