The Pure Electric Audi E-tron Concept

Audi’s new concept the 2009 e-tron is an pure electric drive sports car. The 2009 e-tron concept runs on four motors–two each on the front wheels. The car accelerates from 0 to 62 miles per hour in about 4.6 seconds.

The design of the 2009 e-tron concept is strongly influenced by the cockpit of the famous sports car, the Porsche 911 GT3. The integrated cockpit includes a screen in the center of the dashboard showing a navigation system with 10 inches of screen. The screen reveals details of the current driver’s weather and navigation conditions.

The integrated screen is controlled via a knob/switch housed on the center console. The knob/switch is adjustable and comes in different colors: silver, carbon fiber, space grey, payable (red), business (blue), and firefly (green).

The instrumentation is prepared in a usual manner but incorporated in the concept of the screen are different components for different driving conditions. For example, there are separate heating controls for both the driver and passenger. The purpose of this is to ensure that heat or air comes only from the rear window and not from the roof area. In the news are retractable headlamps, LED tail lamps, and body-colored mirrors.

The interior’s purpose is to create an impression of an amazing driving experience and provide the impression that the 2009 e-tron concept is, indeed, a sports car. The 2009 e-tron concept features two types of seats: the sporty driver’s seat with dedicated leather upholstery typical for Porsche cars, and the elegant passenger seat with brushed aluminum, organic electroluminescent devices, and fine wood trim. The car comes with typical Porsche wheels as well as typical Porsche18 inch wheels.

The technology package in the new Porsche 911 GT3, features for example pro-active cruise control. This is a system that uses laser or radar technology to maintain a preset distance between the car and the vehicle in front of it. Then the technology package uses a computer to monitor the car’s speed and steering wheel positions. Should the system detect that the car is further away from the radar than what the radar sensor considers to be closer, the car will automatically slow down to prevent a collision.

The comfort package in the car comes with outstandingartments designed for the most violent activity and the most torrid environment. The seats in the front have integrated headrests pre-installed and offer excellent visibility. The driver’s seat has an integrated backrest with heating/ cooling functions. The passenger seats also offer adequate legroom and headspace.

The navigation and entertainment packages in the new 911 GT3 have been designed to make the best use of screen technology. Running on an advanced 32 inch screen that features touch responsiveness, the screen is simple and intuitive to use. It is designed to be navigated with the minimum of effort. All of the 911 GT3s have the option of having navigation lights for the driver to use during the actual driving.

The premium and sports packages come with specially designed air conditioning, premium sound systems certified by SIRIUS and SiriusXM, software used for the purpose of navigation (based on the Google Maps function), and preinstalled NASCAR invaluable information and entertainment system called the “DASH interactive door system,” which is also installed on most of the cars sold in North America.

This new technology has been thoughtfully and carefully developed to cater to the original Porsche buyers. As predicted, the technologically upgraded 911 GT3 is also Volkswagen’s first ever Sports Car. The new 911 GT3 is now positioned to compete with the extremely fast Ferrari 355 modify or the Lotus Elise GSR.

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