The lithium motor home battery is the future generation of battery modern technology for your RV. These batteries use many benefits that are easier and also secure than standard lead acid RV batteries.
Lithium Batteries Are Much Better for the Atmosphere & Your Household
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One of the most vital factor to make use of a lithium recreational vehicle battery is that they are much more environmentally friendly. Unlike their lead-acid counterparts, they do not release heavy steels such as lead or cadium throughout billing as well as they are not likely to spill liquids that might harm your recreational vehicle’s finish or chassis.
They are also much more secure than lead-acids as they do not get too hot or catch fire like their predecessors. The lithium rv batteries we offer are made with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) modern technology that is non-combustible as well as lugs the exact same safety and security ratings as other ionic lithium modern technologies used for customer electronic devices, such as laptops.
Lithium batteries can be mounted laterally, upside-down and also without venting; they evaluate much less than half that of lead acid batteries, enhancing your RV’s capacity and making it easier to browse around. They are additionally much better at staying inside your motor home as well as are extra tolerant of extreme temperature levels than lead-acids, some even including heating systems to assist you charge in winter.
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There are several ways to install a lithium rv battery, however the most affordable approach is to build your very own from used cells. The process is hard as the cells have to be matched, yet it is a fantastic way to save money on your motor home’s power system and ensure your batteries will work well together.
Another alternative is to buy a ready-to-install lithium motor home battery, such as the Go Power! ionic lithium battery, which is secured and also maintenance-free. This battery is an excellent selection for the boondocking lifestyle, as it can be charged with solar or a DC to DC charger.
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It is additionally worth keeping in mind that most ionic lithium batteries can be discharged to more than 50% of their original state of fee, compared to lead-acids, which are not developed to be released past 50-60%. This repeated, full discharge drastically shortens a battery’s life as well as causes severe damages to the battery.
Ultimately, lithium rv batteries are a lot more resilient to cold weather than lead-acids as they can be charged in ice-cold temperature levels. This is specifically beneficial if you are boondocking or planning to completely dry camp a great deal.
Regardless of some early issues concerning the safety and security of lithium batteries, they have actually come a lengthy way as well as are a wonderful choice for your RV. As a bonus offer, they are more budget-friendly than their lead-acid counterparts as well as last substantially longer than their predecessors. This is a big difference over time, which will certainly settle for you in time!