Don’t romanticize car theft!

Carjacking happens every day – and most of the time, it’s completely innocent. However, being caught in the act of carjacking forces you to admit that you could have done something differently to prevent the situation from occurring.

If you’re like most people, you’re concerned about theft and you’d like to know more about how to lessen the chance that you become a victim of car theft. There are a few common sense steps that you can take to lessen the risk of becoming the victim of carjacking. Here are some of those steps.

Ask for help

911 operators often provide assistance to people who have been the victim of carjacking. However, you should remember that if you call 911 for situations where you fear you may be at risk of being the victim of carjacking, they may not respond immediately. For this reason, it’s important to do something else first. For instance, if a person unmarked on a motorcycle approaching you may consider you Doing Something Wrong, do not engage them until they identified the situation and it’s clear that it’s safe.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Car theft is a problem that takes place every day. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 1 in 4 cars is stolen. As such, you should begin to look out for carjacking from the very first place you begin to enter your vehicle. In addition, if you’re already the victim of a carjacking, you should remember to:

Decrease your vehicle’s speed


If you see a possibility of carjacking, decrease your speed in accordance with the speed of other vehicles

Leave more room between you and other vehicles

Turn your wheels toward the curb

Make certain your car is easily noticeable by the other drivers

If you’re following a vehicle, leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you

Be careful when you leave your vehicle

If you’re on a busy street, don’t wander, and always lock your car

Never let a vehicle near your car

If you’reusalou are approaching a vehicle, change direction well before your approaching speed.

Be careful when you approach your vehicle, there is most likely a vehicle following you.

If you have a temporary key, don’t leave it inside your car

Keep in mind that carjacking is a particularly lucrative crime, because most of the items stolen consist of electronics and basic vehicle parts.

If You Feel Like You’re in Principle Unurable, Call ThePolice

The police often have the best way of tracking people down, however, 911 operators are equipped with specialized tools that allow them to pinpoint location. Sometimes victims who are carjacked in remote locations seek help from the police, because they’re aware that the police have more resources that can help them. It’s better to let the police handle the situation than someone who is unfamiliar with local law enforcement. Overall, incidents of carjacking appear to be quite rare, but statistics show that they do occur. As carjackers are specifically targeting shoes and gadgets that involve keys and start the ignition, it’s probably best to avoid offering assistance unless you’ve got solid warrants. When you’re initially approached by an armed response team, if you quickly exit the vehicle and report the situation, the armed response team will most likely neutralize the situation.

If it’s nighttime, report the incident to the police and utilize your flashlight to both alert other motorists as well as yourself to see further up the road in case there are any further accidents.

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