Beware of Car Shipping and Auto Transport Scams

Automobiles are valuable possessions in the world and when you buy an automobile, you want to own it, keep it clean and protected, and drive it with pride and joy. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy cars in cash then we have to worry about paying for car shipping and auto transport. Many people choose to buy cars through finance companies or vehicle dealers, and then have to move to another city, state or even Canada.

When you’re buying cars through a company the cars may arrive broken, gaudy, or in a horrible condition and you will have to spend months trying to get them running again. Gas, oil and on the average $400 per month just to have one (one) car or truck is a greeting to many people.

Seized car auctions is another great way to buy vehicles well. These auctions are run by the government, and are the same way that police auctions are run. The cars that are sold here are from repossessed cars that have been seized from non-paying motorists. They keep all of the vehicle codes and driver’s licenses for the cars so that the buyers can have a way to prove that they are the true owners.

The first thing that you need to do is register for the auction, which waystone you might be able to get a dealer to help you out if you are planning to buy a car from one. You should arm yourself with the rules and regulations of the auction, which you can find out by looking online.

The cars do tend to carry a pretty big tag, but in the end you will be so happy that you paid so much less than you would have paid at a dealership.buyers are able to register for these auctions in person, but a lot of the time the retailers won’t allow it.Shipping and transport costs will have to be calculated before you can make your final bid, but a check on the dollar amount should allow you to get your self over the line.

The auctions, especially the big ones are very much a “play the underdog game,” and if you show up early the chances of you making a deal are slim. Most of the time the sales people are just as concerned with making a sale right then rather than making a decent profit later. I had a friend that spent a lot of time in Southern California trying to find a vehicle to buy, and eventually he became a dealer for one of the car lots. Basically he moved to there with enough time to look around and shop for himself.

What he discovered was that wherever he went to another dealership was the place where he went to buy all of his vehicles. Driving out to a small dealership in a different town just to see what was selling was not the greatest of experiences. So once he went to a dealership he ended up finding everything he wanted on the lot.

I would recommend that you do your homework online wherever you are buying a car. Try to see what type of deals are coming up in the local newspapers before you go out to the dealership. If you have a credit card close to the dealership you can use it to pre-load as many different types of cards as you want on one site, credit unions, finance companies, etc.

Check out the special deals on the websites, and local dealerships. If you have your set of mine lined up, consider buying a vehicle online. It will be a lot easier to buy from somebody that has a credit card account. You are already pre-approved for the lowest interest rate, best APR and if you live close enough you can pick up the special deals on the website.

I know several people that learned how to buy a car online, and it’s saved them so much money over the years. Saving money is always a good idea when you buy anything online, and if you learn to buy a car online you will be well on your way to saving money.

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