Maintaining the glue as well as lashes in one area is a massive time saver when applying eyelashes. Using a lash glue pallet will certainly make application simpler as well as more accurate. The glass tray holds both the lashes as well as glue. The lash adhesive pallet includes dual rows of lines as well as millimeter markings for very easy application. The multiple-use lash combination includes a stand to save the lashes, which allows you to easily display your job while gluing them to the owner.
Another fantastic attribute is the non reusable nature of the owner. The lash glue pallet can stand up to 260 applications. Since it is disposable, it makes cleaning simple. It also maintains the glue from drying. See to it to utilize a non reusable holder such as the LashArt Magnetic Acrylic Eyelash Pallet Tile. If you intend to stay clear of unpleasant clean-up, you can likewise purchase disposable owner schemes. The palettes function well with most eyelash expansion adhesives.
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The lash adhesive pallet serves for creating beautiful followers and also timeless lashing. It is rounded, which makes it simple to comprehend private lashes. It also features a small crystal or jade stone to hold the adhesive and also an adhesive dot for creating followers. The lash glue pallet is offered in a large range of shades and designs. You can purchase one for your personal needs or purchase one for your company. Simply remember to keep a container helpful to store it.